Pressure Die Casting Aluminum Speaker Parts vs Extrusions

Pressure Die Casting Aluminum Audio Speaker Parts vs Extrusions. Audio Speakers and other sound-related components don’t live without going through maintenance and parts replacement. Eventually, after months or years of use, parts need to be replaced with newer ones to continue its lifespan. Many of today’s consumers would turn to die casting to be able to get parts instead of buying a new component every time a part of the system starts malfunctioning, and one of the processes used to create speaker parts is extrusions. Extrusion, if you look it up over the net, is basically a process used to create objects (in this case, parts) of a fixed cross-sectional body. The top advantages of using extrusions are being able to create complex cross-sections and being able to work with materials that are normally brittle and that can easily break.

But because of the limitations involved in extrusions when it comes to shaping and the time spent to produce the parts, manufacturers are now turning to pressure die casting using aluminum as the main alloy. As compared to extrusions, die casting with aluminum makes production faster, allows more net shape, and all the features of the part, from top to bottom, side to side, can be done in one operation alone.

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