Pressure Die Casting Aluminum Golf Products vs Sand Casting

Pressure Die Casting Aluminum Golf Products vs Sand Casting. Pressure Die Casting Aluminum Golf Products vs Sand Casting is a tricky concept of processes to choose from. But one advantage of having sand casting as your chosen process, you could always convert it to aluminum die casting. And it would still be a quality product.

  • Sand Casting would cost around $32 all in all. The sand castings usually cost$21 for each part. And then you would have to spend about $11 of machining into each casting part. The tools would probably cost you around $1,500. This already includes the pattern and the 5,000 parts.
  • For Pressure Die Casting Aluminum on the other hand, the parts only cost around $8.20 for each part. And the machining also costs less, allowing you to save around $3.00 for each part. The total cost would only be around $16.20. This costs so much less than sand casting.
  • Aluminum parts are also flexible and versatile. Aside from quality materials, it often used for creating golf products, guitar amplifiers, toys, lighting fixtures, as well as other products found in the market. Using aluminum would also mean cheaper costs. And aluminum parts are the least expensive finished product that can be made out of die casting process.
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