Pressure Die Casting Aluminum Chassis Castings vs Extrusions

Pressure Die Casting Aluminum Chassis Castings vs Extrusions. Pressure Die Casting Aluminum Chassis Castings vs Extrusions is an argument than can be settled by your own preferences. However, pressure die casting when it comes to creating chassis castings has its advantages. Die casting can be made much faster and with a more defined net shape compared to extrusions. The features and impressions on the sides, tops and bottoms can be done all in just one operation. There is also less waste of aluminum using die casting than extrusion. And also, holes can be set in place in order to set aside additional machining cost.

  • Let’s describe more about the product first. Chassis castings are commonly used in guitar amplifiers. There is usually a solid metal dual-tube distortion pedal that creates great gain. And the flexible controls let you make metal tones of different varieties from different genres of music.
  • Now let’s go back to the process of extrusions. It is often used to create materials that have a fixed cross-sectional profile. The object is pushed into a die with the chosen cross-section. Its advantages are it can create the desired very complex cross-sections whether the materials are hot or cold. It also creates a perfect surface finish because of the process of compression.
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