The Advantages of Aluminum Handle Hardware Over Steel

The Advantages of Aluminum Handle Hardware Over Steel. There are many places and functions for handle hardware. You’ll find handles in doors, cabinets, drawers, kitchen cupboards, and the list goes on. The question here when picking out handle hardware is, “Which one has more advantages over the other, aluminum handle hardware or steel handle hardware?” According to manufacturers and experts in this industry, there are several materials that are normally used to make handle hardware: aluminum, steel, and brass to name a few. The most common and favorable among the many handle hardware materials is aluminum, and this article will explain why.

  • Aluminum parts are lighter in weight as compared to steel parts. Nobody wants to exert too much effort just to pull a handle to open a door or drawer, so people go for aluminum handles.
  • Another reason is because of the durability and strength of aluminum handle hardware. Aluminum handle hardware can be made into all kinds of shapes and sizes, so production is easier, faster, and long-lasting. Handles made from other materials are normally welded together, but despite that it is still not as strong as those made with aluminum.
  • Lastly, aluminum is cheaper when it comes to production costs as compared to steel. Manufacturers are able to produce up to a thousand and more aluminum handle hardware in a day.

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