Die Casting: Some Questions Answered in 2021

Die Casting: Some Questions Answered. What is a die? A die is also sometimes called a mold, is tooling to produce die cast parts. A die cast tool is a metal block tool used to make die casting parts. What is die casting? Die casting is the process by which the metalworking industry manufacture and fabricate metal parts; it is a way of forming metal objects by injecting molten metal into a die cast tool or a die cast mold under high pressure. Many copies can be made, over 100,000 parts from each die casting tool, thereby making it an economical process. It is ideal for mass production.

Die Casting Metal Flow Video.

What metal parts can be fabricated using the die casting process? In the automobile industry, this is how cylinder heads and engine blocks are made. Tiny sewing machine parts can also be made in this way, as well as parts for medical devices and refrigeration units, for it is a precision process that creates a precision product. The finished product of a die cast mold has good surface finish, good detail even if it has a complicated design, and it is sharply outlined.

Tooling for die casting is made of steel. What are the kinds of metals used in die casting parts? The metals have to have a low melting point, and they are usually non ferrous (meaning they do not contain iron). Examples of these kinds of metal and metal alloys are zinc alloy, magnesium, tin and lead, brass, aluminum alloy, and copper.

What are the characteristics of a die cast metal? Die casting parts using the prescribed metals make them tough, well-built, heat resistant, stable and molded with precise dimensions. There are various finishing techniques available to metal parts that are made using the die casting process, your choice of smooth or textured, plated or finished some other way.
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