Save Money when Creating Die Casting Molds in 2021

How To Save Money When Creating Die Casting Molds. Die casting molds, or simply die casting tooling dies, do not really come as easy as it sounds, and certainly these do not come cheap too. For starters, die casting molds must go through several blueprints in order for these to actually be employed in any type of production. Naturally, blueprints have to be converted to actual dies which could make actual pieces. Even with the best blueprints, only a “finished product” could show the positive and negative qualities of the pieces. In turn, these pieces will have to be scrutinized and tested for both quality and strength. Achieving one “flawless” die design can literally take months of work, and the longer the testing continues, the more expensive it becomes.

Why is this so? Well, most die casting tooling are made from steel alloys, and these do not come cheap at all. So for producers of die cast products, they turn to less expensive alternatives in order to create the prototype of the perfect die. Prototypes are usually made of less dense steel alloys. Although the pieces that are made from these prototypes are made from more solid materials, the prototype dies themselves are usually made of light weight materials. These are also subject to metal erosion when used and cannot be readily modified.

However, the prototypes can be made cheaply, and studied afterwards to note where the flaws in the pieces may emerge. The main purpose of using cheap materials for prototype is simply that: to save money during the designing stage. When the desired “model” is achieved, only then do producers of die cast products use steel alloys to create the dies. However, as part of quality control, the pieces that finally emerge from the steel alloy dies also have to go through rigid testing.

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