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Doug Taylor of Delmar Die Casting Remembered

Doug Taylor passed away January 11, 2013. I will miss Doug Taylor. I have known Doug Taylor since April 2005, when he invited me to the Governor’s Ball at the NADCA annual event in St. Louis, Mo. Even knowing my die casting company was much smaller than his, he always treated me with respect. I never understood why, but he seemed to like me even if we were competitors. We talked many times and had lunch many times. Once during lunch, he asked that I sell my tiny die casting company and go to work for him as his president. He offered me a lot of money and a car. We laughed when I explained that I am unemployable.

In September 2008, Doug called me to visit him for lunch and he offered to sell me Del Mar Die Casting Company. He offered the zinc die casting business and the magnesium die casting business from Del Mar Industries. We met together over the next few months to see how we could make it work out. During the due diligence I got to meet his team and his family. Everyone at Delmar was excellent, just like Doug. Doug was very patient with me and my team. We came very close to closing the sale but we could not get the deal closed. Doug continued to be friendly afterwards. He was a gentleman in every sense of the word.

– Bob Thomas, President
Kinetic Die Casting, Inc.

This excerpt is from NADCA:
Longtime NADCA member Doug Taylor passed away on January 11, 2013. Doug was a tremendous NADCA member and supporter. He always said that he found the warmest and most generous people in the die casting industry, and he had never met such great friends.

Doug joined the team at Del Mar Die Casting in 1981 and became president and CEO in January of 1986. Under Doug’s leadership, Del Mar Die Casting acquired Gardena Planting and Los Angeles Die Casting, becoming Del Mar Industries. Doug received the Austin T. Lillegren Award in 2010, which is presented in recognition of loyal and extraordinary services to the association and the die casting industry.

A strong supporter of NADCA, Doug attended every Executive Conference from 1989-2010, and every NADCA Government Affairs Briefing from 1987-2010 until his retirement in 2010. During his terms on NADCA’s Board, he only missed one meeting out of 52. Doug joined the Board in 1992 as one of the original 28 Board members of the newly formed NADCA, serving a total of 13 years on the Board.

The service for Doug Taylor will be held at 11:00 AM on Friday, January 25th at the following address:

Westwood United Methodist Church
10497 Wilshire Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90024

Doug and all of his great stories will be missed.

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Magnesium Auto Parts Make for Great Cars

Magnesium Auto Parts Make for Great Cars. When automobiles are made, there is always a question about efficiency, power, and just looking really good. With the recent developments, magnesium auto parts make all of this easier and cheaper to attain.

Magnesium die casting is very lightweight. It is one-third lighter than aluminum, and also two-thirds lighter than steel. This translates to better efficiency for the car, as it consumes less fuel to actually move it. Magnesium is also very easy to mold, so die cast parts made out of magnesium can be formed into even the most complex shapes, for all the custom parts which consumers could think of.

In the past, there was an issue on recycling magnesium. Magnesium is a limited resource as most metals are, but recycling it worried manufacturers regarding its purity and usability. Recent innovations, however, have allowed manufacturers to improve the recycling process, ensuring enough magnesium for all the future cars to be made.

Magnesium’s characteristics have made auto parts manufacturing easier, while at the same time making cars work smoother and look nicer. Magnesium auto parts are great for the automobile industry – not only helping the manufacturers in their production process, but also giving customers their dream cars just as they want them.

Kinetic Die Casting is located in North Hollywood,California. KDC specializes in manufacturing zinc and aluminum alloy casting parts. If you would like a quote, please visit our website:Kinetic Die Casting Company

Kinetic Die Casting is a die casting company specializing in aluminum and zinc parts. If you would like to request a quote, please visit our website:Kinetic Die Casting Company

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Tooling to Die Cast Magnesium

Tooling to Die Cast Magnesium. Die casting magnesium is a difficult but rewarding process for a manufacturing company. Its advantages greatly outweigh its disadvantages, so more manufacturing companies are turning to die casting for their processes to go smoother and more efficiently. Now, even more companies are asking how to die cast magnesium.

There four major steps in die casting magnesium. First, the mold to be used for the die casting process is sprayed with lubricant to control its temperature, and then sealed. Second, molten magnesium is shot into the die cast mold under high pressure, and this pressure is maintained until the cast has become solid. Third, the die is opened and the shot is removed from the mold by ejector pins. Lastly, the scrap is separated from the castings.

Die casting magnesium needs special equipment, of course. For magnesium, cold-chamber machines are used. The magnesium is melted in a separate chamber before being fed into the cast. This takes a longer time than using its counterpart, the hot-chamber machine, where pools of molten metal are utilized. However, since magnesium has a very high melting point, it would be much more difficult to use this machine.

When manufacturing companies ask how to die cast magnesium, they do so because they know the benefits of die casting for their companies. It is very complicated, but every company will benefit from having magnesium die casts as part of their processes.

Kinetic Die Casting manufactures aluminum die castings creating aluminum die casting boxes, aluminum handle hardware, and aerospace die casting. If you would like to get a quote, please visit our website: Kinetic Die Casting Company

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Magnesium Compared to Aluminum

Magnesium Compared to Aluminum – Which is a Better Alloy for Die Casting? Die casting is being hailed as one of the better innovations to come along in the manufacturing industry. Its contributions are very important – cheaper production costs and shorter production times. As such, continuous development regarding this process is being pushed for the benefit of the industry and its customers.

There, however, have been debates on which alloy to use for die casting. Two of these alloys which can be used are magnesium and aluminum. Each one has its own characteristics which make it one of the choices for manufacturers. Magnesium compared to aluminum – which one is a better alloy to use for die casting?

Aluminum has good resistance to corrosion and has high stability, which makes it ideal for complex shapes and thin walls. It also retains its strength at high temperatures, ideal for products which experience intense heat regularly – for example, automobile engines. Magnesium, on the other hand, has excellent strength or its weight, which is specifically ideal for products which need to be lightweight – for example, laptops and cellular phones.

More manufacturers are resorting to magnesium over aluminum due to these characteristics, though some still choose aluminum for certain cases. However, magnesium compared to aluminum has many more beneficial characteristics to the die casting process.

Kinetic Die Casting manufactures a lot of aluminum rooftile plates , trim tile molds, and military die casting. If you would like a quote, please visit our website: Kinetic Die Casting Company

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The Advantages of Magnesium Die Casting

The Advantages of Magnesium Die Casting. Magnesium die casting is one of the current trends in the manufacturing industry. More and more companies are inserting this into their manufacturing processes, for the many distinct advantages of magnesium die casting.

One advantage of using magnesium die casting is that it makes processes which need a large quantity of small to medium sized parts easier. Die casting makes production less reliant on measurements, so the process moves faster and smoother than measuring out each part every time.

Magnesium die casting also eliminates secondary machining. Once the parts are made from the die casting, there is no need for additional processes to be made upon the part. This saves time, and more importantly, lessens production costs for the company.

This process also creates parts with excellent dimensional accuracy. Since the molds used for magnesium die casting are permanent, all the parts made are consistent with each other. This is especially important when the parts being made are used in delicate machineries, such as in the engine of an automobile or in the electronic components of laptops.

There are many more advantages of magnesium die casting. Each one of these contribute to making magnesium diecasting very attractive to the manufacturing industry.

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