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Alcastco Die Casting Company

Alcastco Die Casting Company was established and has been at its current location since 1995. Alcastco was the former Kwick Cast Die Casting Company, and they located at 9180 San Fernando Road in Sun Valley California, just two miles away from us, Kinetic Die Casting Company. Many of the Alcastco Diecasting employees stayed with the company when it transferred from Kwickcast to Alcastco almost 20 years ago.

Alcastco primarily produces outdoor light products, their two largest customers are competitors in the outdoor lighting field: Kim Lighting Company and Sun Valley Lighting Company.

Alcastco produces parts in aluminum, brass and zinc. Brass (#1) and aluminum (#2) being the most of their business and then zinc (#3). They die cast zinc using cold chamber die casting machines.

Alcastco was known throughout Southern California as one of the two cheapest or least expensive if you prefer, die casting companies around. But, it looks like the ownership of Alcastco ran out of money, just conjecture on my part. Yesterday, I learned from the management of Alcastco that they will be closing their doors by the end of May or June 2013.

It is sad to me that another Southern California Manufacturing company is closing. I will personally miss Alcastco Die Casting Company and their competitive fighting spirit.

Best regards,

Bob Thomas
Kinetic Die Casting Company
6918 Beck Avenue
North Hollywood, California 91605

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Doug Taylor of Delmar Die Casting Remembered

Doug Taylor passed away January 11, 2013. I will miss Doug Taylor. I have known Doug Taylor since April 2005, when he invited me to the Governor’s Ball at the NADCA annual event in St. Louis, Mo. Even knowing my die casting company was much smaller than his, he always treated me with respect. I never understood why, but he seemed to like me even if we were competitors. We talked many times and had lunch many times. Once during lunch, he asked that I sell my tiny die casting company and go to work for him as his president. He offered me a lot of money and a car. We laughed when I explained that I am unemployable.

In September 2008, Doug called me to visit him for lunch and he offered to sell me Del Mar Die Casting Company. He offered the zinc die casting business and the magnesium die casting business from Del Mar Industries. We met together over the next few months to see how we could make it work out. During the due diligence I got to meet his team and his family. Everyone at Delmar was excellent, just like Doug. Doug was very patient with me and my team. We came very close to closing the sale but we could not get the deal closed. Doug continued to be friendly afterwards. He was a gentleman in every sense of the word.

– Bob Thomas, President
Kinetic Die Casting, Inc.

This excerpt is from NADCA:
Longtime NADCA member Doug Taylor passed away on January 11, 2013. Doug was a tremendous NADCA member and supporter. He always said that he found the warmest and most generous people in the die casting industry, and he had never met such great friends.

Doug joined the team at Del Mar Die Casting in 1981 and became president and CEO in January of 1986. Under Doug’s leadership, Del Mar Die Casting acquired Gardena Planting and Los Angeles Die Casting, becoming Del Mar Industries. Doug received the Austin T. Lillegren Award in 2010, which is presented in recognition of loyal and extraordinary services to the association and the die casting industry.

A strong supporter of NADCA, Doug attended every Executive Conference from 1989-2010, and every NADCA Government Affairs Briefing from 1987-2010 until his retirement in 2010. During his terms on NADCA’s Board, he only missed one meeting out of 52. Doug joined the Board in 1992 as one of the original 28 Board members of the newly formed NADCA, serving a total of 13 years on the Board.

The service for Doug Taylor will be held at 11:00 AM on Friday, January 25th at the following address:

Westwood United Methodist Church
10497 Wilshire Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90024

Doug and all of his great stories will be missed.

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Drumheller Industries is Closed (Die Casting Company)

Drumheller Industries is Closed (Zinc Die Casting Company) – Today I drove past the building of Drumheller Industries on 10967 Tuxford Street in Sun Valley, California. I was saddened that the building is for sale. Drumheller Die Casting Company was a zinc die casting company that was in business over 40 years. Scott Drumheller, the last owner of the company, told me his grandfather started the company by building special hot chamber zinc die casting machines. These machines will cast and trim the zinc die casting parts automatically so that the parts drop into buckets.

For over two years, I talked to Scott about the possibility of purchasing his company. He has had declining sales and fewer customers every year. The value of his company was dropping. Unfortunately, Scott felt he needed a job but did not want to work for another die casting company. He wanted to continue Drumheller operations until he had to stop.

In July 2012, Scott Drumheller told me he needed to pay either a penalty or a fine to the state of California to stay in business. This fee was vary large, and amounted to more than 10% of his annual sales. He decided to close Drumheller Industries unless someone would purchase his corporation from him and his liability to the state of California.

I offered to pay him a sales commission and two or three times the value of his equipment for his equipment and his customers. He insisted that the corporation ownership needed to be part of the package. I do not understand how it could benefit him to scrap his equipment for one third of the amount of money that I offered to pay him and why he believed I would take his corporate liabilities or even why he thought it was fair to insist the corporate transfer as part of the package. We could not come to an agreement and he chose to scrap his equipment instead of selling the die casting machines to Kinetic Die Casting Company.

Another California Die Casting Company has closed. This is very sad to me. There are less than one third of the die casting companies in California as there were 20 years ago.

The good news to me is that my company, Kinetic Die Casting Company, is thriving and growing while other companies are declining and closing. Our customers feel safe buying their parts from us. We purchased the mold bases and die casting tooling from the Drumheller die casting auction to service their customers.

Kinetic Die Casting Company 818-982-9200.
Kinetic Die Casting Company

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Reasons for Buying from Kinetic Die Casting Company

Reasons for Buying Die Casting Parts from Kinetic Die Casting Company. The reasons for buying aluminum parts and zinc parts from Kinetic Die Casting Company are many. We have many happy customers that talk about our service and quality. Here are some of the reasons that our customers are delighted to buy die castings from our company:

Excellent Customer Service
Our customers know that when they call us with a question, a human will answer the phone promptly and we will answer their questions immediately.

Fast Die Casting Part Deliveries
We typically ship die castings in less than five (5) weeks. In fact, we ship die casting orders the day we manufacture die castings, most cases. Many manufacturers wait six to eight weeks for their parts, sometimes longer.

Low Quantity Die Casting Part Manufacturing Welcome
We are here to manufacture your die castings in lower quantities as well as high quantities. We will accept Purchase Order quantities of under 100 pieces, if that is the quantity our customers need. We do not have a minimum order quantity (MOQ). We will accept orders of quantities of 10 parts up to 300,000 parts.

Competitive Die Casting Part Prices
Our pricing structure is very competitive to die casting companies all over the world. Especially, when people consider the rapidity of product shipments. Click to: Request Die Casting Part Prices

Certificates of Manufacturing
With every die casting part shipment we will include certificates of US manufacture, certificates of conformity and certificates of material analysis.

Wouldn’t these benefits listed above give your company a manufacturing advantage? Kinetic Die Casting Company can be your die casting parts supplier also. Contact us today and get a free die casting part proposal.

Kinetic Die Casting Company

Kinetic Die Casting utilizes die casting to manufacture parts like aluminum car parts, airplane parts, lighting parts and much, much more. If you would like to request a quote, please visit our website:Die Casting quote

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Drumheller Industries Die Casting Tooling

Drumheller Industries
10967 Tuxford Street
Sun Valley, California 91352

Kinetic Die Casting Company bought Die Casting Tooling at the Drumheller Industries auction on Tuesday September 12, 2012. Much of the zinc die casting tooling were unit die holders to fit small die casting tooling inserts.

Drumheller Industries, located at 10967 Tuxford Street in Sun Valley CA. 91352, made zinc die casting parts for several years. Drumheller Industries sold die cast unit die inserts to their customers as die casting molds but not the die casting holders.

These Drumheller customers will need to use the holders that we purchased to save them money on set up fees on their next production run of zinc die casting parts. The Drumheller inserts and many of their zinc die casting tools fit in our new unit die mold bases. In some cases, these die casting tools can be modified to fit other inserts.

Sadly, the Drumheller customers were given a only few days notice to pick of their die casting molds or insert tools before they closed their doors permanently before the auction. We here at Kinetic Die Casting Company are sad that another manufacturer with a long history in California closed their doors. It is hard to believe that so many manufacturers in California are facing problems that are forcing them to close their doors.

Kinetic Die Casting Company is glad to offer assistance to the manufacturing customers that were doing business at Drumheller Industries. In many cases we can save these manufacturing companies money by using the same mold bases and trim dies that were sold at the Drumheller auction.

Call 800-524-8083 for an appointment to come and see our operation:

Kinetic Die Casting Company
6918 Beck Avenue
North Hollywood, CA 91605

Kinetic Die Casting Company 800-524-8083

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