Tooling to Die Cast Magnesium

Tooling to Die Cast Magnesium. Die casting magnesium is a difficult but rewarding process for a manufacturing company. Its advantages greatly outweigh its disadvantages, so more manufacturing companies are turning to die casting for their processes to go smoother and more efficiently. Now, even more companies are asking how to die cast magnesium.

There four major steps in die casting magnesium. First, the mold to be used for the die casting process is sprayed with lubricant to control its temperature, and then sealed. Second, molten magnesium is shot into the die cast mold under high pressure, and this pressure is maintained until the cast has become solid. Third, the die is opened and the shot is removed from the mold by ejector pins. Lastly, the scrap is separated from the castings.

Die casting magnesium needs special equipment, of course. For magnesium, cold-chamber machines are used. The magnesium is melted in a separate chamber before being fed into the cast. This takes a longer time than using its counterpart, the hot-chamber machine, where pools of molten metal are utilized. However, since magnesium has a very high melting point, it would be much more difficult to use this machine.

When manufacturing companies ask how to die cast magnesium, they do so because they know the benefits of die casting for their companies. It is very complicated, but every company will benefit from having magnesium die casts as part of their processes.

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