Aluminum Die Casting–What You Need to Know!

Aluminum Die Casting–What You Need to Know. The manufacturing process involved in aluminum die casting is roughly the same as that used in the production of pre-fabricated concrete building materials such as the hollow blocks that commonly go into the construction of houses. The big difference of course is in the material used. Water, cement and aggregates such as gravel and sand are used In pre-fabricated concrete, while in aluminum die casting, molten aluminum is the base material.

Also, High pressure is used to inject the molten aluminum into a steel die cast mold or die cast. This high-pressure injection system is necessary to immediately fill the entire cavity of the die before any part of aluminum casting hardens or solidifies. Immediate filling of the die cavity help prevent discontinuities in the aluminum die casting. To further help ensure that the aluminum casting is injected even into difficult-to-fill sections of dies with thin parts, the molds are designed with vents to allow air to escape during the injection process.

Furthermore, most of the molds used in the aluminum die casting are water-cooled to help hasten the production process. Once the injection is complete, the molds are opened and the die castings are ejected. The finished aluminum castings may amount to thousands or hundreds depending on the design of the die cast.

Die Casting Parts
Die Casting Parts

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