How are Aluminum Speaker Parts Made in 2023?

How are Aluminum Speaker Parts made? Making aluminum speakers needs the proper tools and materials to be used. But this article will only give you the brief idea on the basic steps in making aluminum speaker parts. So how are Aluminum Speaker Parts made?

  • First, you will need transformers, one or two for each speaker, plastic film for speaker diaphragms, powdered graphite, dish soap, or antistatic solution to cover the diaphragm, punctured aluminum or steel, acrylic or fiberglass PC board stock for driver frame, glue, and a high voltage DC bias supply.
  • The next step is creating the drivers. First, they are designed, and then you settle the electrical connections to the diaphragm. Next, stretch out the diaphragm to cover the insulators. This can be made easy by applying heat to the diaphragm. Then you now test the driver using Styrofoam as insulators. Be very cautious. The voltage can cause enough damage to put one in a hospital.
  • And as for a last tip, to make the frame of the voice coil, you could use a black anodized aluminum foil. Aluminum is ideal for such function because it has good thermal properties and can handle the heat radiation. It can also vary in thickness depending on what it needed. There are many available sizes.
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