Enclosure Boxes in 2021

Enclosure Boxes

Aluminum Enclosure Boxes and the many other uses of Aluminum. Aluminum enclosure boxes are becoming a preference for many enclosure manufacturing companies for their packaging requirements. The custom enclosure boxes are used as enclosure housings for various products like electronic enclosure components.

The usual packaging types are made of corrugated paper materials, plastic, turned edge, or wood. The aluminum enclosure is a relatively new option for packaging. The enclosure boxes can be in tote style, two-piece set up, or those similar to the CD/DVD boxes.

Aluminum Alloy is a silvery white metal that is ductile, malleable, and conductive of heat and electricity. In its pure state, this metal is soft. It becomes stronger and harder once alloyed with many other elements. Aluminum is one of the most abundant metals on earth, but it does not occur without combining with others. It can be found in many minerals like clay, bauxite, mica, feldspar, alum, and others like sapphire and ruby.

This metal is lightweight and is commonly found at home, in the kitchen specifically. Pots, pans, beverage cans, and the aluminum foil are made from aluminum. Many of its properties make it the a very good choice for a raw material in making housings or enclosures:
– Attractive
– Non-toxic
– Resistant to corrosion
– Non-magnetic
– Easy to form, cast, or process into different shapes
– Lightweight
– Electrically conductive

Aluminum alloys are commonly used in airplane enclosures, highway enclosures and road signs, bridges, storage tanks, and buildings too. Auto manufactures prefer aluminum enclosures because it is 1/3 as heavy as steel enclosures and that means lower consumption of fuel.

It is not surprising that aluminum enclosure boxes are becoming a new preference for enclosures even for smaller items because of its many beneficial properties.

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