Tips on Maintaining Tooling Made for Die Casting

Tips on Maintaining Tooling Made for Die Casting. Die casting assemblies are recommended for large-scale metal working. Because pressure is applied on molten metals, which cool pretty quickly, may products can be processed in a short period of time. A company must be sure that its tooling made for die casting is in optimal conditions. This will help avoid malfunction of the assembly or factory defects like excessive porosity.

The die casting process involves two die molds: the cover die and the ejector die halves. Molten metal is injected through an opening in the cover die. Once the product has solidified, it will be released through the ejector die half. Always check if the ejector pins on the ejector die half are working. They are used to push the product out of the mold.

Fluid lines are also important tooling made for die casting. Waterlines supply the system with water as coolant and lubricant. This will increase the number of cycles per hour. The vents should also be clear, so that gasses can easily escape during casting. If gasses are trapped during the rapid casting process, there are risks of forming large air bubbles. This will cause porosity and tensile weakness on the final product.

Finally, be sure that you are equipped with trim die tooling made for die casting. This is particularly needed for aluminum processing assemblies. The trim die removes excess aluminum, which are imperfections from the casting process. It helps in producing a finer surface finish. The scrap aluminum can be recycled for future castings. Hence, it will save production costs.

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