Metal Die Castings Used for Car Parts

Metal Die Castings Used for Car Parts. In the modern automotive industry, individual cart parts are required to be strong, durable and with a good finish. Hence, die castings used for car parts and accessories have been the standard for the industry. High pressure die casting is a metal-working process that can produce highly detailed parts. These are perfect both for internal parts for motors and transmission. Die castings have high yield strengths and tensile resistance too.

Basically, die casting is performed for automotive parts through a pair of dies. Molten metal is injected to the cavity between the dies. Then, a pressure between 10-175 MegaPascals is sustained until the metal solidifies. The product piece is uniform inside and out, with minimal porosity and external scrap. It has a yield of about 70%. Because of the speedy operation, the method is recommended for large scale productions.

Die castings used for car parts include sprockets, gears, fixtures and frames. Sprockets’ specifications are obtained almost perfectly after casting, resulting in smooth contact with the chain. There is no need for grinding or sanding. The method can also be used for small gears, but they are not suitable for high loads or rotating speeds.

Most frames and fixtures for automotive are die castings used for car parts. They are commonly shaped from Aluminum, a metal with high tensional strength. Because of aluminum’s high melting point, the recommended the process is cold chamber die casting. After casting, there are only few post-machining tasks to do. These involve cutting out of holes for assembly and screws.

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