Processing of Die Castings used for Airplane Parts

Processing of Die Castings used for Airplane Parts. Die Castings used for airplane parts are increasingly demanded for the aircraft industry. This type of constructions need light weight for mobility. Moreover, it requires durability and resistances to several stresses while flying. Among metals, aluminum is processed to serve as frames or skeleton of the aircraft.

In the process of die casting, molten metal is quickly forced into a mold cavity, which is formed by two opposing dies. Very high pressures are maintained until the metal solidifies. As for aircrafts, the strength of aluminum is significantly increased by high pressure casting. It creates yield of 69%. Aluminum die castings used for airplane parts are strong against torsion and expansion stresses. These are important considerations since a flying aircraft is subjected to several forces.

In this machining process, there is always an associated imperfection called porosity. This is the amount of gas that combines with the solidifying metal, as it cools in the mold. Porosity is characterized by the size and number of air bubbles inside the finished product. There are three levels of porosity. The second and third levels are unacceptable when it comes to machining airplane parts. This is to guarantee safety of the passengers. Advanced technology in treating aluminum is applied to minimize the porosity of the frames.

Die castings used for airplane parts are usually made of different aluminum grades. For example, Al 7075 is commonly used for making frames because of its toughness. Al 5052 can be die casted into billets, planes, coils, tubes and bars.

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