The Pros and Cons of Cold Chamber Die Castings

The Pros and Cons of Cold Chamber Die Castings. Cold chamber die castings utilize Cold Chamber machines to make easy die castings. Cold chamber die casting is one of the two die casting methods. The other one is Hot Chamber castings which sometimes utilizes Hot Chamber zinc castings.

Cold chamber die castings engage the utilize of a metal cylinder where the melted metal alloy is poured. The melted metal then will be pushed by an injection pump into the die cast thus manufactured metallic parts.

Cold chamber die castings allow for the manufacturing of aluminum, zinc, and certain alloys of magnesium. In fact, these outstanding materials for fabricating parts can only use cold chamber die casting methods.

The huge benefit of cold chamber die castings is that the process can make denser metal castings. Denser metal is fashioned owing to the higher pressure utilized during the injection development. Density can also be qualified to higher speed procedure of cold chamber injection. Another benefit of cold chamber die cast manufacturing is its low maintenance cost. Through cold chamber castings, manufacturers can produce more parts with lower overhead costs. This drives down the market prices of aluminum parts.

Cold chamber die castings also have several disadvantages. First, cold chamber manufacturing has slower production cycles. The melted metal in the cold chamber can cool down even before injection. Finally, the melted metal in the cold chamber is barer to oxidation and other contaminants chiefly if the production floor does not have strict quality control.

Cold chamber die castings can offer many advantages for die cast parts manufacturers. The benefits and advantages one can get from the cold chamber method can outweigh its disadvantages. Metals used in cold and hot chamber methods include 380 Aluminum, zinc, and other aluminum alloys.

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