Supplementary Technical Die Casting Terms

Supplementary Technical Die Casting Terms. You must probably learn the most common technical die casting terms with your exposure with the die casting manufacturing industries. To widen your knowledge, here’s a set supplementary terms for your perusal.


It is a substance composed of two or more metallic elements used predominantly in die casting products.


It is a chemical process characterized by coating metals with protective oxide layer. This process is used particularly with aluminum metals.

Clamping Force

It is the actual compressive force applied to keep the die halves closed in a die casting machine.

Cold Shut

This is an undesirable feature in a die casting, usually a line on the surface of the die cast item. This is the effect when the two halves die are not properly aligned.


It is the plastic or elastic deformation of metals when held for long period and where pressure is applied in a degree that is lower than yield strength.

Creep Strength

When metals withstand a constant force over an increasing degree of temperature, such characteristic is called Creep Strength.


This tool shapes the molten metal into a particular form until it hardens. It molds liquefied metallic substance until it takes the solid form. It is a matching steel block with hollow interiors and a cavity.

Die Block

It is a huge steel block forming the base for one half of the die. Other components of the die are attached to or mounted on it.


It is a large steel plate that forms a primary part of a die casting machine frame.

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