Parts Die Cast in Aluminum: The Utilization and Benefits

Parts Die Cast in Aluminum: The Utilization and Benefits. The process of die casting involves the injection of molten metal into a die cast tool, which is a mold made of steel. This set-up is then subjected to high levels of pressure to create complex designs and structures. The subsequent parts are then utilized to serve as essential components of a bigger equipment. Die casting machines can variety from 400 to 4,000 tons, but the machine size doesn’t really have anything to do with how a product will turn out. It will depend on the method used to die cast, which is either the hot chamber or the cold chamber procedure.

Whoever is involved in businesses that need metal parts on a regular basis, it is important to know that choosing the proper alloy is essential to guarantee the stability and the durability of the assembled equipment. Depending on usage, some alloys are better suited than others. For example, the zinc alloy is suggested for use in sink faucets, aluminum is prudent for auto parts, and magnesium works well with electronic devices.

Manufacturer, KDC Company

Kinetic Die Casting 818-982-9200 (www.kineticdc.com) was founded in 1994 and is currently based in Los Angeles, California. To date, they have helped a lot of industries that are in require of metal parts. During the years they have constantly proven to their customers that they can be trusted with their work and service.

In trying to get a better idea where die cast materials are commonly used, here are some of the things we use that utilize die cast products:

Boxes made of Aluminum

Also named aluminum housings or aluminum enclosures, these are extensively used because of their lighter weight compared to steel products. They can be easily grounded and they are electrically conductive, and this is the reason computer and telecommunications companies are among the main customers of metal work businesses. Automobile companies also buy aluminum housings for their motors and car transmissions.

Aluminum Parts made for Speakers

Aluminum and zinc companies also produce metal parts for speakers. These are usually resulting from zinc and aluminum alloys. They make up the frames and the back cover of the speakers. In addition, die cast products are not only utilized in speakers, but they are also used in guitar amplifiers and other music equipment.

Aluminum Parts for Lighting

Using the aluminum alloy for lighting fixtures is preferred because of its good thermal properties. Before die casting was used to manufacture light fixtures, welding was the method they used to create housing for lights. Many have found this to be labor intensive and expensive, plus the designs of the parts were limited. Now, die casting allows the manufacturer to create designs grounded on the customer’s taste. Some examples of lighting parts include fixtures for airport runways lights, medical lights, and commercial lights.

Aluminum Car Parts

Aluminum die casting can also be found in car parts. Die cast parts are used in aluminum wheels, engine blocks, brand logos, handles, mirrors, and clutches. If you want to save some money, you can try communicating the Kinetic Die Casting Company because they make parts that are suited for Chevrolet, Toyota, Nissan, Honda, and Jeep vehicles.

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