Sand Casting Compared to Die Casting

Sand Casting Compared to Die Casting. If you are wondering which is better- sand casting or die casting – then this is the right article for you. Whether you need to know about sand casting or die casting advantages or a assessment of both, this article will certainly help you.

In order to have a stronger view of what is better, you must first know what these two methods are all about. Sand casting, as its name proposes, forms its mold with the help of a pattern or model which is pressed into a kind of sand mixture. Die casting on the other hand utilizes toughened tool steel as a mold in making its cast parts.

Both processes are decent choices of metal casting method. It just determined by what kind of metal parts you plan to cast or produce. For big hollow metal parts like cast aluminum automobile parts, sand casting is characteristically used. For minor and more detailed metal parts, die casting is the more perfect process. The casting weight range for sand casting is essentially unlimited while die casting has a range from 1oz up to 20 pounds.

When it comes to mass producing parts, which involves intricate details and flat surface, die casting is the more ideal method. It is because die casting process has a dimensional tolerance of as low as .001 inch, while sand casting has a minimum of .010 inches.

Money-wise, initial expenses for die casting are pricier than the first costs used for of sand casting. Nevertheless, in the long run, die casting has a lot inexpensive labor cost associated to the labor cost experienced by sand casting.

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