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has customers who purchase more than 40,000 or 100,000 die casting parts per year. We are not the typical #diecasting company. The majority of our customers order less than 5,000 die casting parts of a single type. Some die casting customers will place a single delivery purchase order for 50 or 100 to 300 parts. Other customers will blanket order 1,000 to 5,000 parts but will take partial monthly deliveries of 50 or 100 or more die casting parts a month. A few of our customers will even order less than 50 castings in a year.

Kinetic Die Casting Is Not The Typical Die Casting Company

We love low quantity die casting part purchase orders. We welcome the customers that want fewer parts. We welcome more parts too. The typical die casting part customer that wants several thousand parts each year, we like those customers also. Our deliveries are never affected by the value of the purchase order we receive from our customers.

Contact us for a price and delivery for your die casting product:
Kinetic Die Casting Company 6918 Beck Avenue North Hollywood California USA 91605 1-818-982-9200 or sales@kineticdc.com
Die Casting Part Prices

The typical die casting company demands high quantities of die casting part production purchase orders. Some die casting companies require 10,000 parts to 40,000 parts or even more than 100,000 die casting parts of a single type per year of production purchases. They will refuse the small quantity production part purchase orders.

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