Die Casting Manufactured using Lean Manufacturing in 2023

Lean Manufacturing Die Casting. Die Casting Parts Manufactured using Lean Manufacturing.

Everyone believes the die casting is solely a “Batch & Que” manufacturing process. Most die casting companies operate using a the department layout (example.

  1. Die Casting Department – 500 Parts produced day one (1) shipped to the trim department on day two (2).
  2. Trimming Department – 500 Parts get trimmed on day two (2) and get shipped to machining department on day three (3).
  3. Machining Department – 500 Parts get machined in machining department on day three (3) and sent to quality department on day four (4).
  4. Quality Department – 500 Parts get inspected on day four (4) and sent to shipping department on day five (5).
  5. Shipping Department – 500 Parts are packaged on day five (5) and shipped to customer on day six (6).
  6. 500 Parts are shipped at least six days after initial production in the die casting machine.

500 parts produced on the first day of the week get shipped (6)six days later, typically next week. If there is a one (1) day Que in each department, it will add another four (4) days to the six (6) days making the delivery ten (10) days after production.

6 – 10 additional days is a long time to wait for die casting parts for some customers.

The Kinetic Die Casting Company Difference
What if a die casting company changed from the department layout and went to lean manufacturing production cell layout?

  1. Die casting one (1) part in one (1) minute is sent to trimmer. Continues making one (1) part a minute until 500 parts complete in 500 minutes or 8.33 hours.
  2. Trimmer trims (1) part 1/4 (.25) minutes and sends (1) part to machine area. Continues trimming next 499 parts.
  3. Machine taps three holes in one (1) part 1/4 (.25) minutes and sends one (1) part for inspection. Continues machining 499 parts.
  4. Inspector checks one (1) part for 1/4 (.25) minutes and sends one (1) part to shipping. Continues inspecting 499 parts.
  5. Shipper packs one (1) part in box 1/8 (.12) minutes. Continues packing 499 parts.
  6. 500 parts complete and shipped to customer in less than ten (10) hours, one shift.

Kinetic Die Casting Company uses a lean die casting manufacturing process to produce die casting parts for our customers. At Kinetic Die Casting Company, in 99% of the 500 part or less production orders, we ship them today.

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Kinetic Die Casting manufactures die cast parts for their customers. If you would like to know more about what is die casting or if you would like a quote, please visit our website:Kinetic Die Casting Company

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