The Advantages of Aluminum Golf Products Over Steel

The Advantages of Aluminum Golf Products Over Steel. Presently, more and more golfing and sporting stores are selling aluminum golf products. Compared to steel, aluminum is lighter. Because of its lightness, aluminum has been increasingly used in manufacturing shafts for golf clubs. Lighter shafts allow manufacturers of golf products to come up with slightly heavier golf heads. Since aluminum is not as heavy as steel, aluminum shafts enable golfers to swing faster and increase the ball’s distance with each shot. Additionally, despite its lightness, aluminum shafts still allow clubs to keep the optimal weighting needed for good balance. Like aluminum, there are certain types of steel that also provide golfers with a good feel. However, these steel types don’t really create the ball compression needed by golfers to achieve maximum ball distance.

Aluminum is also cheaper to produce and easier to mold than steel. Additionally, aluminum parts can be manufactured faster with less labor compared to steel. Many aluminum golf products include golf heads that are die cast in aluminum alloy, which is extremely hard and is appropriate for golf head production. In relation to cost, aluminum golf products are generally cheaper than those made from steel. Examples of golf products made from aluminum or with aluminum parts include golf carts with aluminum brackets, handles, and knobs, golf trolleys made with durable aviation-grade aluminum frames, golf retrievers, and golf ball heaters.

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