How Are Aluminum Military Parts Used?

How Are Aluminum Military Parts Used? Aluminum is an especially useful material for the military as there are countless military vehicles and equipment that are made from aluminum or with aluminum parts. The history of aluminum military parts can be traced back to 1892 when the French used aluminum for torpedo boats. In 1896, the United States Army used aluminum canteens and aluminum picket and tent pins. Sometime during the 1890s, the US Navy acquired several wide aluminum sheets to construct a large assembly (perhaps a ship superstructure). Aluminum also played a crucial role for Germany during the First World War as this was the material that Germany decided to use for their army tanks when iron and steel became scarce. During the Second World War, aluminum military parts were used for walkie-talkies, fuel drums for air transport, bridges and pontoons, searchlights, and aircraft landing mats. Presently, the military uses aluminum for its armor, vehicles, and missiles. Aluminum is the material of choice for military parts because it meets the military’s requirements for materials to be used for vehicles, weapons, and armor. Aluminum has the ability to improve protection, is light and mobile without compromising protection, is easy to weld yet is strong, and has the ability to resist corrosion under extreme weather conditions, and all these are factors that are taken into consideration when military equipment is manufactured.

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