Advantages of Die Castings Used for Trucks and Cars

Advantages of Die Castings Used for Trucks and Cars. From parts intricate to simple, die casting can shape them all. This metal working process has important applications to the automotive industry. Vehicle assembly companies nowadays demand die castings used for trucks, cars and motorcycles. The parts include billets, coils, sheets and rods. If these parts are die-casted, they are expected to have high yield (breaking point) and fair toughness (resistance to fatigue due to repeated loading). Usually, production of these parts is done in large-scale assembly lines.

In die casting, high pressures (10 to 175 mega Pascal) are applied to the molten metal. The metal does not only take the shape of the dies; it also gains a more compact microscopic structure. Traditional shaping methods are sand casting, extrusion and forging. However, none of them boosts metal strength like die casting does. A typical die-cast procedure creates a yield of 69%.

Die castings used for trucks and cars are classified into mechanical and non-mechanical. The latter refers to fixtures and frames, which are used to hold the entirety of the vehicle’s body. Die casting can be used to create multiple-axial fittings, which are used to connect bars and frames of the truck. Fittings are similar to water pipe fittings at home. Mechanical parts include engine blocks, some types of gears and sprockets. These are usually made from magnesium and aluminum alloys because they have high melting points and resistance to corrosion.

Manufacturing die castings used for trucks and cars is also economical. It reduces production expenses because there is no need for trimming and post-machining. The results of die casting are precise down to the nearest micrometer.

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