The Advantages of Aluminum Heat Sinks Die Castings over Plastic

The Advantages of Aluminum Heat Sinks Die Castings over Plastic. The heat sinks are important components in any electronic product. Airplanes, computers, communication companies, automobiles, and lightings rely on this product to remove the heat from most of their parts. This serves to ensure that the electronic materials do not at any chance overheat or malfunction. Because of this, a lot of heat sinks are being catered in the market. The most common of them are made of aluminum and plastic.

However, in today’s market, aluminum heat sinks are seen to have more advantages over plastic made ones. It can be easily produced having an average of 250 parts to a maximum of 2,500 parts production daily. More than this, it is a good electric conductor. Therefore, unlike plastic ones, it does not need to be plated anymore in copper, which can be an additional cost for plastic heat sinks.

Aside from these known facts, aluminum is very well known for its durability features. Even its light weight characteristic makes it the most ideal material for making heat sinks. As compared to plastic, aluminum can easily be found anywhere in the world making it cheap and convenient to produce. A finished product definitely looks good as is but still can either be powder-coated or anodized for ornamental purposes.

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