Die Casting Alloy Impact Strength

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Cinema Products Corporation
3211 South La Cienega Boulevard
Los Angeles California 90016

Produced the waist mounted camera harness for the movie industry. We were contacted by Cinema Products to look at a revolutionary new aluminum locking mechanism for their product. There were 10 items that created the locking mechanism consisting of Pivots, Pawls and Locks for the left and right side of the harness. We made aluminum die casting tooling for them the cost was about $50,000.

The weight of the 10 parts was very light because of their material choice, but they ran into some issues that made 380 aluminum a poor choice for the alloy. Units were failing in the field. We discovered it was because of the limited impact strength of 380 aluminum of 3 foot pounds. We suggested another die casting material, #3 zinc alloy, which has an impact strength greater than 40 foot pounds.

Cinema Products believed they were stuck at an impasse to pay another $50,000 for zinc die casting tooling. Kinetic Die Casting was able to produce zinc parts using the aluminum die casting tooling, saving them several thousands of dollars.

If you had a die casting part failure in the past, contact Kinetic Die Casting Company for assistance 818-982-9200.

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