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Aluminum Molds for Tile Roofs

Concrete Roofing – There are many styles of roof tiles for homes. Many times these styles are called flat profile rooftiles, low profile rooftiles and high profile rooftiles. Some are known as Mission Rooftiles, Villa Rooftiles, Slate Rooftiles, Shake Rooftiles, Roman Rooftiles, Double Roman Rooftiles, Estate S-Tile, Espania Rooftiles, Flat Rooftiles or Barrel Rooftiles

Aluminum Molds for Concrete Roofing Tiles

More pictures of concrete roofing tile molds

Kinetic Die Casting Company makes Aluminum Molds for Concrete Roofing Tiles. These molds are purchased by Roofing tile Companies to use to make the concrete tiles for roofs on homes. They produce several thousand roof tiles a day using an extrusion process with a concrete slurry. Aluminum Roofing Tile Molds for Concrete Roofing Tile Industry also called Roofing Tilemolds, Tile Molds or Rooftile Plates are usually made in aluminum or steel. Aluminum roof tile molds weigh less and usually cost less than steel.

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Commercial Building

Commercial Building. If you are going to have concrete tile roofing materials installed for a commercial building, be prepared to pay a different price compared to having roof done for a residential dwelling. Residential tile roofing is different from commercial tile roofing in many ways, and not just because of the purpose with which each type of building is used for, or the volume of the roofingtile materials used.

In a commercial building, there will be bigger air-conditioning units to cool the interior. If, for instance, the commercial building happens to be a restaurant, your building contractor or tile roofer will have to contend with having additional mechanical features attached to the tile roof. These kinds of considerations are liable to increase the cost of having concrete roofing tiles installed on a commercial-type building compared to a residential one, particularly if the concrete rooftile mold materials of a commercial structure have to be lifted via the use of a crane.

There will also be the kind of installation needed for a commercial-based building that will be vary a great deal compared to a residential one in terms of the number of square feet, architectural style, and insulation.

You will need to consider the cost of the Roofing tilemolds materials carefully, as well as the fees of your roofing contractor who will necessarily require manpower and equipment to get the tile roof job done for a commercial building. The cost will be greatly determined by the number of square footage a commercial building has, so you will first need to ascertain the exact measurements of your roof before you start considering bids.


Kinetic Die Casting manufactures die casting metal parts creating products like roofing tile molds, lighting parts, and military parts. If you would like more information about Kinetic Die Casting, visit our website:Kinetic Die Casting Company

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Suitable Roofing Material

Suitable Roofing Material. Choosing the right kind of roofing tilemolds materials for your home is very important. A good tile roof will either add to the attractiveness of your home, or detract greatly from it. Before starting to construct your home, or remodel your tile roof, you will need to consider the different types of roofing materials available to see which ones meet the needs of your house when it comes to weather-proofing, durability, insulation, aesthetics, energy-efficiency, and most of all, your budget.

Look at your neighboring tile roofs for inspiration, consult your roofing contractor, or visit the different roofing materials store in your community to look through the various types of roofing materials that are available. You can also look through house building magazines to find the right type of roofing materials suitable to the architectural style of your home.

There are different, looks, styles, and materials. Some can be made of metal, while others are made of clay shingles. Lots of people are gravitating towards concrete roof tile materials nowadays because of their ability to withstand extreme weather conditions, rendering homes virtually impenetrable. Because of the way concrete roofing tiles are installed, they provide good insulation and prevent cool air from escaping the interior of your home. This energy-efficiency is coupled with exceptional aesthetics, as concrete rooftiles come in wide variety of colours, and can be made to appear as if they were terra cotta, slate, or shake tiles. They can be used as exterior wall accents, as well.

In any case, it would be a good idea to spend some careful time considering the kind of roofing materials you prefer for your home. Choose one that will give your roof incomparable attractiveness, increased durability and a longer lifespan to save on repair costs later in the future.


Kinetic Die Casting manufactures aluminum and zinc die casting parts. Samples of KDC’s work include die cast speaker parts, aluminum tile plates, and other die cast metal parts. If you would like to have a quote please visit our website: Kinetic Die Casting Company

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Roofing Tile Contractors Materials

Roofing Contractors Materials. Damage from extreme weather conditions such as storms and hurricanes can play havoc on inferior roofs. This means that using quality roofing materials should take precedence when you are a contractor building a house, or in the process of a roof remodeling project.

One admirable type of roof tile materials that have evolved through the years are concrete roofing tiles. They used to be manufactured in the form of huge sheets of tiles in the past, but were found to last on an average of only 10 years. When they were made in smaller roof tile sizes, they could last for more than 20 years and were considerably hardier compared to the larger sheets.

One advantage that manufacturers discovered about concrete roofing tilemolds materials is that they took to pigment easily. This meant that the tiles could be manufactured in a variety of different colours, making them more versatile as decorative pieces, as well as making them attractive on roofs. In addition, their durability kept them resistant to breakage, and their heavy weight kept them from suddenly blowing away in a strong wind.

A lot of people in the roof tile industry realized that with only a minimum investment and a small shop, they could start a business producing concrete roof tiles. All they needed was a small start-up cost, which included easily-purchased equipment, mixes, and other supplies.


Kinetic Die Casting manufactures die casting metal parts creating products like roofing tile molds, lighting parts, and military parts. If you would like more information about Kinetic Die Casting, visit our website:Kinetic Die Casting Company

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Why Concrete Roof Tiles

Why Concrete Roof Tiles. Do you know that a strong and attractive-looking concrete roof is a sign of a well-planned home? Apart from an experienced roofing contractor and good equipment used in building your home, a quality concrete roof will set your home apart from any other. This is why it is very important to consider your roof structure and the general architectural style of your home before making your choice of roofing material.

There are a wide variety of choices in concrete roofing materials. You will need to choose the kind that are both attractive and durable, as well as weather-proof, energy-efficient, and budget-friendly. You can consider composition shingles, which will fit most financial considerations, are fire resistant and need very low maintenance. However, they have a limited life span and are susceptible to very strong winds.

For a more natural look, you can take a look at wood shakes that will allow your home to take in more air. However, they are not impervious to insects, rot or mold, and they require a lot of repairs. Slate is more expensive, but is fire resistant and does not require much maintenance. But they are also brittle and can cause damage to your drains.

A lot of roofing contractors recommend concrete roofing tiles because they have a more modern look, and are fire resistant, rot repelling, as well as indestructible by insects. They are also low maintenance, durable, and longer lasting. Concrete roofing tilemolds come in a wide variety of colors and can even be made to look like slate, shake, or terra cotta tiles. Their versatility extends to their use as exterior wall decorative accents, and they are sure to make your home weather-proof, well-insulated, attractive, energy-efficient, and infinitely more comfortable.


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