Production Advantages of Die Castings Used for Car Parts

Production Advantages of Die Castings Used for Car Parts. Strength and durability – These are the most important requirements for automobile parts. Nowadays, the industry has a strong demand for die castings used for car parts. Die casting is a metal working process that performs efficiently on large-scale productions. If we will compare it with other processes like sand casting, forging and extrusion, die casting produce car parts with higher yield strength (breaking point). It is used to produce both mechanical and fixed parts of cars

To better understand the advantages of die-casts, one must know the basic processes behind it. First, the metal is melted in a furnace separate from the die fixture. Then, it will be injected into the dies. A pair of dies forms the mold cavity, which contains the intended shape of the part. This is known as cold-chamber processing, which is common in producing die castings used for car parts. As the metal solidifies, the dies are intensely compressed. The pressure results in very strong castings.

The tools for automobile die casting are very expensive, reaching hundred thousands of dollars. The large capital makes the process suitable only for large-scale manufacturing lines. However, it is a good investment because it minimizes human intervention for die castings used for car parts. Die-casted products are precise in depth, size and shape. This is perfect for fixtures, frames, sprockets and engine blocks of cars. The process produces little or no scrap and deformities. Therefore, there is no need for post-machinists to perform trimming or sanding. If there are metal scraps, they can easily be recycled.

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