Pressure Die Casting Aluminum Lighting Parts vs. Extrusions

Pressure Die Casting Aluminum Lighting Parts vs. Extrusions. Aluminum can be found virtually everywhere. Most light fixtures are created from aluminum or with aluminum parts. Aluminum is one of the metals that manufacturers in the metal-casting and light fixture production industries prefer to work with because of several factors. Aluminum can be found in abundance and is cheap to source and process. It is also only a third of the weight of steel. Other properties of aluminum that add to its appeal are that it is not magnetic, is highly resistant to corrosion, does not burn, can diffuse heat quite effectively, and gets stronger as the temperature drops. Additionally, other metals can easily be alloyed with aluminum to produce a stronger and harder material.

Most aluminum lighting parts are made through a process called pressure die casting. However, many lighting parts, particularly those that need to have certain cross-sectional shapes, can also be produced through extrusion. Both processes utilize steel molds or dies. However, in die casting, liquefied aluminum is injected under pressure into the mold, which is then cooled to let the aluminum harden into the shape of the mold. In the extruding process, aluminum is heated to around 900 degrees Fahrenheit and is put in the extrusion press where the metal is forced under pressure through the die, which determines the cross-section of the aluminum extrusions. When it comes to costs, the extrusion process has higher material costs, but both processes have low labor costs.

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