Multiple Cavity Tooling

When our customers buy die casting tooling, they have an option to buy single or multiple cavity tools. In die casting, we are limited in the number of parts we make in a die casting shot. “Shot” refers to a single event in the die casting production shot cycle. The die casting shot cycle is: Die Open, Spray, Die Close, Inject Metal, Open Die, Eject Part and Repeat (More in another article). A shot takes about a minute. With a single cavity tool, we make one part each shot, or one part a minute or 60 parts an hour. If our die casting tool has more than one cavity, we make the proportionate number of parts. A two cavity, multiple cavity die casting tool produces 120 parts an hour and four cavity die cast tooling produces 240 parts an hour.

The more parts we can produce in an hour, the lower the labor cost in the die casting part price. Part prices are lower with a multiple cavity tool.

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