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Kinetic Die Casting Company (kineticdc) makes aluminum parts and zinc parts using diecasting tooling aka die casting tooling or die casting molds. There are several possible items that fall under the heading as tooling. In the following weeks, I will be discussing the following terms used as die casting tooling:
– Complete Mold, Complete Die Casting Die
– Unit Die Tools (DME)
– Unit Die Holder
Die Casting Trim Dies
– Die Casting Cavity Inserts “Tooling Inserts”
– Mold base (moldbase)

Last week, I wrote about Die Casting Tooling Inserts.
This week I write about:

Die Casting Trim Dies
The die casting trim die saves time, labor and money making die casting parts. During the die casting manufacturing process, molten metal is forced into the die casting mold through the shot hole, this uses considerable temperature and pressure. The molten metal is forced into the die cavities. The gases escape ahead of the metal out gas vents. Where the metal enters the cavity is called the gate. The air and gas in the tool escapes out of the tool through over-flows and vents. There is also excess metal in holes and around the edges called flash. The flash, gates, vents and over-flows need to be removed from the casting. This can be labor intensive using files, drills, deburr tools and sanders. A trim die automates the trimming process.

This was a four part Die Casting Tooling Series:

  1. Complete Molds, Complete Die Casting Dies
  2. Die Casting Unit Die Tools (DME)
  3. Die Casting Cavity Inserts “Tooling Inserts”
  4. Die Casting Trim Dies

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