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Kinetic Die Casting Company (kineticdc) makes aluminum parts and zinc parts using diecasting tooling aka die casting tooling or die casting molds. There are several possible items that fall under the heading as tooling. In the following weeks, I will be discussing the following terms used as die casting tooling:
– Complete Mold, Complete Die Casting Die
Unit Die Tools (DME)
– Unit Die Holder
– Trim Die
– Cavity Inserts “Inserts”
– Mold base (moldbase)

Last week, I wrote about Complete Die Casting Molds. This week I write about:

Unit Die Tools for Die Casting
The terms “Unit Die” or “DME Die” are the terms used to indicate a tool that is part of a unit tool used to make die casting parts. The letters “DME” are for Detroit Mold Engineering, the original developers of the DME unit die tool. Similar to how some people refer to a “soda pop” as a “Coke”. The unit die typically consists of a set of cavity inserts mounted in the unit die. Typically, an ejector plate with ejector pins are part of the package. There are several sizes of Unit Die Tools, they are indicated by their dimensions (Height by Width). The most common sizes are 10×12, 12×15 and 15×18.

The DME unit die uses a master unit die holder to hold the tool in the die casting machine. Sometimes, the maser holder remains in the die casting machine making the die casting mold changeover time faster. The master unit die holder has the clamping rails needed to mount the tool in the die casting machine. The master holder also has the shot hole for the shot sleeve.

The tooling cost for a Unit Die Tool is usually less expensive than a complete mold because it needs less steel and uses the rails and shot hole in the master unit die holder. The die casting company will usually own the various sizes of master unit die holders.

Next Thursday… Cavity Inserts

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