Metal Working for Aircrafts: Die Castings Used for Airplane Parts

Metal Working for Aircrafts: Die Castings Used for Airplane Parts. When it comes to aircraft assembly parts, the most important considerations are safety, strength and reliability. The metal parts will sustain turbulence in the upper atmosphere, and they will experience inertial forces and several stresses. This is why die castings used for airplane parts are in-demand nowadays. Metal parts produced by die casting are characterized by high tensile strength, and resistance to torsional, flexural and tensional stresses.

In die casting, a pre-determined amount of molten metal is injected into a mold cavity. That cavity is formed by the cover die and the ejector die, which contain the shape of the target product. While the metal is cooling and solidifying, intense pressure is applied to compress the dies. Other than just shaping, this is a strength enhancing process. Yield can be expected to reach 69%.

Aluminum and magnesium are popular metals for die castings used for airplane parts. They are very durable, stable and with high melting points. Aluminum in particular is very light, comparable with treated plastics. These metals are used for frames and fixtures for the plane, and for fittings that connect bars and handles. Die casted Mg and Al is also present in the engine and mechanical rods.

Die casting is versatile because it can produce simple and complicated designs alike. Parts-supplying companies can finish hundreds of parts within minutes because the process is efficient for large-scale productions. Die castings used for airplane parts include plain sheets, billets and rods. More detailed castings include engine blocks, turbines and mechanical fixtures.

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