Aluminum Handles in 2022

There are many types of handles—positive locking, extruding, folding and standard square, oval and wire type. Most handles are made in brass, stainless steel and aluminum. The most common is the aluminum handle ware.

Die cast aluminum handle ware are made from molten metal forced into mold cavities. The die casting process is beneficial if you are producing large quantities of small to medium sized handles with good details.

Prior to the introduction of die casting company, most handles are made by welding several pieces together, which is time consuming, costly, and labor extensive. Die cast aluminum handle ware are made faster because they can be produced in net shape, meaning there is no welding or drilling methods needed, saving time, money, and energy all together. Aluminum handle ware can be produced from a few hundred to a few thousand pieces daily.

Aluminum handle ware can be powder coated and anodized without complications. They are also cheaper compared to steel and lighter than their steel fabricated counterparts. They can also be decorated at a faster rate because decorative features can be easily added to the mold cavities. In most cases, aluminum handle ware can be die cast stronger than stainless steel handles because the former can be designed with strengthening ribs.

Aluminum handle ware include handles kitchen utensils, doorknobs, fold, locks, lifts, cabinet and door hinges, door bolts and stops, furniture handles, hooks, faucets, shower handles, garden furniture handles, aluminum sliding doors and windows handles, glass door handles, decorative handles, and many more for residential and industrial purposes.

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