What Are Aluminum Heatsinks by KDC?

What Are Aluminum Heatsinks? Electronic devices and circuits have revolutionized our way of living in such a manner that no one would have ever imagined. It might seem hard to imagine a day going by without needing to use such devices. Homes, offices, and schools depend so much on them for day-to-day operations.
Aluminum Heatsink Die Casting kineticdc

However great are the benefits that these devices bring, they would never have become possible if not for this tiny component – heatsink. A heatsink is responsible for making electronic devices work for long hours without overheating.

The most common types of heatsinks are aluminum heatsinks. As the name suggests, these types are made up of aluminum alloys. In general, aluminum alloys give higher thermal resistance than other types. Copper heatsinks are said to give better and faster heat conductivity than aluminum heatsinks but they are more expensive. This is one of the main reasons for the popularity of aluminum-based heatsinks.

In the passing of time, companies have developed varieties of aluminum-based heatsinks. The most common of them is the 6063-T5. It has an electrical resistivity of 3.16e-006 ohm-cm, a heat capacity of 0.9 J/g-C, and a thermal conductivity of 209 W/m-K. It is cooled from hot working and artificially aged at elevated temperature.

In terms of providing higher thermal conductivity, the 1050A is the better option. Its thermal conductivity is at 229 W/m-K. This type is used in most cable sheathings because of its excellent corrosion resistance. Another more commonly used type is the 6061. Its heat-resistance capability is at 193 W/m-K.

Aluminum heatsinks rank third in terms of heat productivity, next to copper and silver. However, aside from being the most cost-effective, they are the most “user-friendly”. Due to them being lighter in weight, they are easier to work with than copper and silver based heatsinks.

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