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Protecting Your Roof with Versatile Concrete Roof Tiles in 2022

Protecting Your Roof With Versatile Concrete Roof Tiles

If you are currently building your home or any other type of construction, you might want to consider using concrete roof tiles. You will need to have a strong substructure to carry the weight of the tiles, as they usually weigh in at around 400 pounds for every hundred square feet of roof area. However, you can rest assured that your roof will last longer under all sorts of extreme weather conditions.

Made out of a mixture of concrete and sand, concrete roof tiles can take on different kinds of pigment and come in hundreds of different colors for you to choose from. With an experienced roofer at hand to take charge of the installation, you will be the owner of an attractive and durable roof that will stand the test of time.

These type of heavy-duty roof tiles can withstand the ravages of water, snow, and ice. This is because the materials interlock with each other, starting with the first row securely appended to the roof itself, followed by the rest of the other rows in succession. This method of installation ensures that your roof becomes virtually impenetrable under all types of weather.

Your concrete roofing materials can be installed via nailing wooden strips on the surface of the roof, and attaching lugs which connect to the bottom of the tiles. The tiles can also be laid directly on the surface of the roof itself and fastened with either nails or screws. You can install concrete tiles on nearly any surface, even on those that are almost vertical. This means that they can be used for decorative purposes on your exterior walls, as well.


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