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On Monday, I heard about Joyners Die Casting Company is CLOSING. There will be an equipment auction on December 11, 2014 10:00 am CDT for the Joyner die casting equipment. This is very sad news indeed. Another USA die casting manufacturing company closure. This is a continuation of a long sad trend of US Manufacturing companies that struggle and can not stay in business due to EPA issues, employee issues, legal issues and struggles for quality and profit. All this information is available to anyone searching online. Now there is a loss of $10,000,000 in our United States manufacturing capacity. The ones who hurt the worst are the additional 100 Minnesota manufacturing employees who are unemployed and on the street just in time for Christmas.

    Joyner’s Die Casting & Plating Inc.
    7801 Xylon Ave N.
    Brooklyn Park, Minnesota 55445
    (Just outside Minneapolis, Minnesota.)

Here is a little information from their website (
Joyners Zinc Die Casting Parts
Zinc Die Casting Products Joyner’s Die Casting and Plating Inc. is a Custom Worldwide Manufacturer of Zinc Die Casting Products. We are a Single Source for All Your Zinc Die Casting Needs! Thin wall zinc die casting, Short and long production runs, Stock replenishing programs (KANBAN), In-house tool capability, Zinc Die casting machines ranging from 100 tons to 600 tons. At Joyner’s Die Casting Company and Plating Inc., we’ve been providing all types of industries with the highest quality zinc die castings with machines ranging from 100 to 600 tons. We have the capacity to produce castings from a fraction of an ounce to eight pounds. And with a wide variety of in-house plated and/or painted finishes, we’re able to deliver your product exactly the way you want it. From complete engineering assistance to our ISO qualified program, to our complete laboratory, allows us to die cast your requirement in Zamac 3.

Joyner’s Plating Services Included: Nickel & Duplex Nickel, Bronze, Brass, Gold (14k & 24k), Clear e-coat, Bronze e-coat, Chrome, Black Chrome.

Joyner’s Die Casting Products included: nameplates, handles, hardware, instrument housings, attachments and parts for musical instruments, metal panels, drawer and cabinet pulls, pulleys and sheaves, impellers, elevator, door, safety and warning signs.

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  6 Responses to “Sad News Joyner’s Die Casting Company – CLOSING”

  1. Hello crew! Could you please give me a quote on buffing/polishing a 13′ brass prop? Thx, Jack 952 495 1620 ‘
    Hope to see you soon. P.S, I’d like you to lacquer it too if you would. Hasta pronto, JE.

  2. Does anyone know if someone bought the tooling that they had? Had purchased parts from them for years and need to get some for servicing vehicles.

  3. No GREAT NEWS FOR EVERYONE WHO LIKES DRINKING WATER. Polluted the shit out of the ground water in Brooklyn Park, the owner was an incompetent deaf old man who nearly killed a bunch of employees by combing the wrong finishing chemicals, producing cyanide gas, sweat shop hell of a building, paid slave wages, the owner’s son was a tyrannical fag who had his own business across the street making engraved cock rings (yes it’s true) and on and on and on. GOOD RIDDANCE TO THAT HELLHOLE.

  4. I am sure that your opinion is biased because you used a false name to write your comment. Here is the email you registered and IP address ( IP: Just in case you are worried that someone local to Joyner’s will find out who would write these comments about a company that paid them well. A company helped them pay their rent, buy food and send their kids to school.

  5. Zephid was right on the money. I was a die caster there for while. But he forgot to mention that some of the casting machines and dies were so old it sometimes took a half a day or better just to shim up dies to minimize the flashing lower the amount zinc blowing out when inject9.

  6. Thank you for your comment. The sad new about Joyner’s is that their customers are left without getting production parts. My company does not supply that niche.

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