Why Use American Die Casting Companies

Why Use American Die Casting Companies. Metal casting is one of America’s most fundamental industries. There are about 1,994 metal casting companies in the entire country employing around 250,000 employees.

It is also one of the world’s most dynamic industries. Countries like the United Kingdom, and most notably China and India, have seen their local die casting companies grow rapidly in recent years. One of the main reasons behind it is that some American die casting companies have shifted their manufacturing operations to offshore locations, especially in the Asia Pacific region.

Cost cutting is one of the driving forces for offshore outsourcing. Offshore die casting companies offer lower labor, production, and raw material costs. In addition to it, strict enforcement of local environmental laws is also pointed out as among the main factors behind it.

How can the local die casting industry cope with this development? Why should businesses and consumers use American die casting companies instead of their offshore counterparts?

Quality remains the top edge of the local die casting industry. It is true that offshore companies offer lower overhead costs. However, this does not necessarily translate to getting the same, if not higher, level of quality that American die casting companies produce.

The North American Die Casters Association
NADCA North American Die Casting Logo
) has reported a number of stories where some offshore die casting products and services turned out to be suffering from bad design and workmanship. This caused rework for the local companies that used them. Eventually, they end up spending more to correct such flaws. One local company was even sued because of an inferior product that they sold.

NADCA also questions whether offshore companies are indeed ISO certified. NADCA emphasizes that American die casting companies work according to the standards set by the association. Offshore companies cannot guarantee the same. By using offshore products and services, local die casting companies are in fact creating their own competition. In the final analysis, turning to offshore outsourcing to save money is more of a myth than a reality.

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