Prima Die Casting Company Auction

November 15, 2016 starting at 10AM (Eastern Standard Time) – Prima Die Casting Company at 5300 115th Avenue North, Clearwater, Florida is having an auction. The auction inspection is on November 14th from 8AM to 4PM.

Permalink: https://www.kineticdiecasting.com/kdc/prima-die-casting-company-auction/

Items include:
CNC machines, Machine tools, Tooling, and die casting equipment.
Idra 800 ton die casting machine
Idra 600 ton die casting machine
Idra 560 ton die casting machines (two)
HPM 400 ton die casting machine (two)

This is an online only auction (www.proxibid.com) held by Loeb Winternitz in partnership with Die Casting Machinery and Koster Industries

Prima Die Casting Company Auction
I am sad that another American die casting company is closed. The companies that manufacture parts in America are decreasing every year.

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