Porosity in the Die Casting Process

The steel die cavity is sprayed with a liquid release agent to prevent the molten metal from sticking to the steel cavity. Much like the cook will spray a pan before baking a cake. The spray dissipates into steam because the die is very hot. Porosity is natural in the Die Casting Process. The molten metal is squirted at a very fast speed and under extreme pressure into the die. It is like a running water hose with a thumb on the nozzle. The metal is moving very rapidly as it is forcibly injected into a steel die cavity, the metal picks up voids and air bubbles from the steam and the turbulence of the injection. The metal is squeezed into the die with a piston to evacuate or to remove and compress most of the voids and air pockets. Those voids and air pockets are called die casting porosity. It is a natural occurrence in the production of die casting parts. To read more about die casting porosity, review our web page: http://www.kineticdiecasting.com/porosity.html

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  3. I’m researching about sticking in the aluminum pressure die casting process, I’ve been reading about the Lube Free article made by:
    Steve Midson of the Colorado School of Mines
    David Schwam -Case Western Reserve University
    Al Miller-Ohio State University
    I found it very interesting, and proposes to do the same tests here in Brazil, from the results found, I found very promising and I saw a great perspective in this aspect (energy saving, die reliability, good quality parts, clean environment, capacity, cost Of reduced maintenance …), I want to understand more about the properties that define the sticking of the molten aluminum on the surface of the H13 steel with PVD coating. I believe that a myriad of chemical element arrangements can be performed in order to find the optimal point for this experiment, however we need to understand the results already achieved to continue advancing within this complex but interesting field of science.

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