Methods for making Aluminum Chassis Castings

Methods for making Aluminum Chassis Castings. Aluminum has long been widely used in manufacturing chassis components. The recent years have seen an increased demand for ways to come up with lightweight vehicles that save on fuel consumption. In response to this, the industry has increasingly turned to aluminum to make vehicle components for both the high-end and mass market consumer types. A good example of a vehicle part that is now widely manufactured in aluminum is the chassis and its compinents.

Casting is a popular method of making aluminum chassis because the process is both cost-effective and flexible, giving the manufacture a lot of leeway to in terms of design and implementation. There are several methods for casting aluminum chassis and its parts. The traditional way of doing this is through such processes as die casting, casting using a permanent mould, or automated sand casting. Unfortunately, there are downsides to these traditional methods, which includes its limited capability to produce sturdy and strong parts for extreme applications.

There have also been specialized methods for casting aluminum chassis developed in the past. An example of this is called the semi-solid processes, which include thixocasting. While these methods have succeeded in producing industrial-grade aluminum castings, the resulting products have been found to be lacking in stability, as well as cost-effectiveness that will enable it to be mass-produced. In recent years, the industry has witnessed the development of a new method called pressure die casting. This involves injecting metal into a desired mould through pressure injection. This new method produces industrial-grade chassis in terms of strength and durability.

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