Pressure Die Casting Aluminum Automotive Parts vs Extrusions

Pressure Die Casting Aluminum Automotive Parts vs Extrusions. Aluminum is a precious metal for the automotive manufacturing industry. This is because this alloy has revolutionized the making of automotive parts, and has made it possible to produce parts that are sturdy and strong enough to withstand the load, and at the same lightweight. Because the supply of aluminum is also high all over the world, the use of more aluminum than steel or other metals has pulled down the cost of producing automobile parts.

Two of the major methods of manufacturing aluminum automotive parts are pressure die casting and extrusion. Pressure die casting involves melting aluminum and pouring this into a steel mold through pressure. On the other hand, extrusion is a process whereby aluminum is pushed or siphoned through a mold having the cross-section of the desired product.

While the two processes enable manufacturers to produce all sorts of automotive parts, it is widely accepted that pressure die casting is the better, more efficient process. This is so because the process quickly and accurately introduces the molten raw material into the desired mold, so that all parts of it dry up and set at the same time. This results in high-quality products of even consistency. In contrast, extrusion is likely to produce parts of uneven quality and consistency because the process takes a longer time to fill the mold with the molten raw material.

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