Kinetic Die Casting Company

Kinetic Die Casting Company focuses on:

  1. low quantity aluminum parts production and
  2. fast aluminum parts delivery

Our customers need competitively priced aluminum die cast parts. Our customers expect us to ship those parts on time; free of defects. Most of our customers require die castings that we produce to a “net shape” and shipped. We can in many cases Add value to our customer’s products. Added value would be secondary operations such as machining, powder coating, painting, plating or assembly and packaging.

Our customers, these OEM manufacturers may need over 100,000 of these aluminum parts a year or as few as 100 aluminum parts a year. Kinetic Die Casting focuses on low quantity production, most production runs are quantities of fewer than 5,000 aluminum parts.

  • Our typical production order quantity is from 300 parts to 5,000 parts.
  • Some of our aluminum parts have a production rate of 100 aluminum parts a day and others can be produced at the rate of 1,000’s of aluminum parts a day. Kinetic Die Casting will typically ship orders of 5,000 parts..

  • Delivery less than four (4) weeks and frequently less than two (2) weeks.
  • Kinetic Die Casting, Inc. (KDC) was established in 1994 at the current location. Kinetic Die Casting is an American Jobshop Aluminum Die Casting Company. A jobshop aluminum die casting company produces aluminum parts for OEM’s (Original Equipment Manufacturer) for their products. A Die Casting Company uses a process in which molten aluminum is injected with a die casting machine under force using considerable pressure into a steel die cast mold or die cast die to produce aluminum die cast parts.

    Kinetic Die Casting, Inc.
    6918 Beck Avenue
    North Hollywood, California USA 91605

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