Die Casting Sector COVID-19

The Manufacturing Sector is crucial to the economic prosperity and continuity of the United States. Kinetic Die Casting Company will not be closing for the Covid-19 virus. A direct attack on or disruption of certain elements of the manufacturing industry could disrupt essential functions at the national level and across multiple critical infrastructure sectors.

The Critical Manufacturing Sector identified several industries to serve as the core of the sector:
• Primary Metals Manufacturing
• Iron and Steel Mills and Ferro Alloy Manufacturing
• Alumina and Aluminum Production and Processing
• Nonferrous Metal Production and Processing
• Machinery Manufacturing
• Engine and Turbine Manufacturing
• Power Transmission Equipment Manufacturing
• Earth Moving, Mining, Agricultural, and Construction Equipment Manufacturing
• Electrical Equipment, Appliance, and Component Manufacturing
• Electric Motor Manufacturing
• Transformer Manufacturing
• Generator Manufacturing
• Transportation Equipment Manufacturing
• Vehicles and Commercial Ships Manufacturing
• Aerospace Products and Parts Manufacturing
• Locomotives, Railroad and Transit Cars, and Rail Track Equipment Manufacturing

Products made by these manufacturing industries are essential to many other critical infrastructure sectors. The Critical Manufacturing Sector focuses on the identification, assessment, prioritization, and protection of nationally significant manufacturing industries within the sector that may be susceptible to man made and natural disasters

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Kinetic Die Casting, Inc. will not be shutting down any portion of our business at this time. We will be open Monday at our regularly scheduled time. Seeing we service so many of these fields. We will keep you informed if anything changes.

Please stay safe, healthy, and prosperous during this challenging time.

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