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14 January 2013 – There were 38 Die Casting Companies in Southern California in 1994. Kinetic Die Casting Company was founded in 1994.

From 1994 to 2013 is 19 years. That period of time seems like a long term or a short term, depending on your frame of reference. For a house pet 19 years is a long time. For a manufacturing company, 19 years is just getting into a healthy stride. Manufacturing companies depend on job-shop manufacturing companies, such as Kinetic Die Casting Company, to make their aluminum and zinc parts. Die Casting is essential in producing manufacturing metal parts.

On Monday, December 20th, 2010, I wrote an article because I was shocked at the closure of another die casting company competitor, 12 closed die casting companies since Kinetic Die Casting was founded in 1994. The article was titled:

Why did these California Die Casting Companies Close


Now, two (2) years later the list has grown by another six (6) die casting companies. Six company closures in two years is very significant. Since 1994, there are 18 Die Casting Companies that are gone in the last 19 years. Many of these companies were 30 to 50 years old. These companies are listed below:

  1. AQ Die Casting Company, Chatsworth California.
  2. C&D Die Casting Company, Chatsworth California.
  3. Chapman Die Casting Company, City of Industry California.
  4. Coast Die Casting Company, Gardena California.
  5. Commercial Die Casting Company, Vernon California.
  6. Compu Die Casting Company, Compton California.
  7. Del Mar Die Casting Company, Gardena California.
  8. Die Cast Manufacturing Company, Bloomington California.
  9. Drumheller Industries, Sun Valley California.
  10. Kim Lighting Die Casting, Ontario California.
  11. Lansco Die Casting Company, City of Industry California.
  12. Los Angeles Die Casting Company, Commerce California.
  13. Modern Die Casting Company, Paramount California.
  14. Pomona Die Casting Company, Pomona California.
  15. Royal Die Casting Company, Burbank California
  16. Spencer Die Casting Company, Vernon California.
  17. Team Quick Die Casting, Compton California.
  18. Universal Die Casting Company, Los Angeles California.

Of the remaining 21 die casting companies, some are doing very well, while others will probably die off in the next two years. Kinetic Die Casting Company, is one of the healthier companies because we are growing while others are declining.

I do not believe that these 18 missing manufacturing company suppliers should be easily forgotten. People lost jobs. People lost hope. California has a weaker economy because these 18 manufacturing supplier companies are gone or absorbed. I am sorry to see the passing of these great companies.

Kinetic Die Casting Company

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