Why Did These California Die Casting Companies Close

I was thinking of my recent discovery of the closure of Die Cast Manufacturing Company in Bloomington California. The other casualties in the California die casting industry came to my mind:

  1. Die Cast Manufacturing Company, Bloomington California.
  2. Modern Die Casting Company, Paramount California.
  3. Lansco Die Casting Company, City of Industry California.
  4. Pomona Die Casting Company, Pomona California.
  5. C&D Die Casting Company, Chatsworth California.
  6. Chapman Die Casting Company, City of Industry California.
  7. Spencer Die Casting Company, Vernon California.
  8. Coast Die Casting Company, Gardena California.
  9. Compu Die Casting Company Compton California.
  10. Universal Die Casting Company, Los Angeles California.
  11. Del Mar Die Casting Company, Gardena California.
  12. Los Angeles Die Casting Company, Commerce California.

These companies either closed or were sold to competitors. My company, Kinetic Die Casting Company, purchased two die casting companies from the above list. Why did the companies that closed, close? That question comes to my mind frequently. These companies are all recent casualties, 10 years or less. There is a much longer list of closed die casting companies from over the last 30 years.

Some of my remaining competitors are still doing poorly. Three or four of these remaining California Die Casting companies are actively trying to sell their operations before they have to close. The ones that I cannot make an agreement with, I hope will be purchased by another competitor, or I hope they can hang in there until California can get “economic recovery”. Good luck to all of us California Manufacturers.

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