Why Brass Die Casting Lighting Fixtures are a Good Choice

Why Brass Die Casting Lighting Fixtures are a Good Choice. There are two very common techniques used in making lighting fixtures out of brass – sheet lighting fixtures and brass die casting lighting fixtures. In the case of sheet brass fixtures, they are created by taking sheets of solid brass then bending the brass sheets into the desired shapes. This can be accomplished by making use of a high-pressure machine press. The machine press will stamp the brass sheets into their molded shapes. In comparison to die cast brass, sheet brass is much thinner. It is however more economical.

Brass die casting lighting fixtures on the other hand, make use of molds. Liquid brass will be poured into these molds to form the lighting fixtures. Most manufacturers and suppliers prefer die cast molds because of their quality and durability. For parts and fixtures that require consistent fits, efficient finishes and tight tolerances, brass die casting is well preferred. A method called sand casting is often used as an alternative to die casting. In this method a temporary mold made from packed sand is used. Brass is poured into the sand mold and when the brass hardens, the sand mold is broken away. This however does not come close to the efficiency and preciseness of die cast molds.

Brass die casting lighting fixtures speak of nothing but quality, durability and longevity. Even under rugged, humid or corrosive outdoor environments, brass lighting fixtures will last a lifetime. Furthermore, when it comes to aesthetic beauty, nothing can compare to the classic and stylish appearance of brass.

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