The Environment and Aluminum Die Castings

The Environment and Aluminum Die Castings. In our Earth’s crust, aluminum is the most abundant (8.3% by weight) metallic element and the third most abundant of all elements (after oxygen and silicon).

Kinetic Die Casting Company produces parts using aluminum. Aluminum is theoretically 100% recyclable without any loss of its natural qualities. The global per capita stock of aluminum in use in society (i.e. in cars, buildings, electronics etc.) is 80 kg. Much of this is in more-developed countries (350–500 kg per capita) rather than less-developed countries (35 kg per capita). Knowing the per capita stocks and their approximate lifespan is important for planned recycling.

Other manufacturing materials, such as steel and plastic, can not be recycled or have limited recycle ability. These materials fill our landfills and break down very slowly. Many plastic materials appear as if they will last forever in our landfills.

Recovery of aluminum via recycling has become an important facet of the aluminum industry. Recycling involves melting the scrap, a process that requires only 5% of the energy used to produce aluminum from ore, though a significant part (up to 15% of the input material) is lost as dross (ash-like oxide). The dross can undergo a further process to extract aluminum.

Recycled aluminum is known as secondary aluminum, but maintains the same physical properties as primary aluminum. Secondary aluminum is produced in a wide range of formats and is employed in 80% of aluminum alloy castings.

The aluminum die castings manufactured by Kinetic Die Casting Company are made from 100% recycled aluminum that has been alloyed into the proper aluminum alloy that our customers specify. Typically, A380, A360 or A413 aluminum alloys.

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