The advantages of Aluminum Audio Speaker Parts over Plastic in 2023

The advantages of Aluminum Audio Speaker Parts over plastic. If you are to match aluminum audio speaker parts against plastic audio speaker parts, which do you think is better?

First of all, the first thing that you will notice with the two materials is their weight. Plastic is known to be really light as compared to metals. On the other hand, aluminum is also extremely light for a metal. So in the end, both will get points when it comes to lightness.

Lightness is important for speakers since it is easy to move around. It is also light for car audio speakers.

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Both are easily molded and do not need other processes like welding.

Plastic can be as strong as steel when incorporated with other materials like glass. However, aluminum is stronger than steel while being five times lighter.

Plastic can be made translucent and in different colors so your speaker can sport unique looks. Plastic does not corrode and will last forever. Aluminum does corrode but not as much as other metals. It is quite known for this special property of being resistant to rust.

Both would last forever and are not biodegradable. You can recycle them. But plastic is too difficult and too expensive to recycle. The advantages of Aluminum Speaker Parts over plastic is that it is commonly and easily recycled to produce good quality aluminum again.

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