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Saddened by manufactures going out of business

I am saddened by manufactures going out of business over the last few years. My company supports manufactures by producing aluminum die castings and zinc die castings for their products. In the last few years, some of my customers could no longer stay in business. Subsequently, my company, Kinetic Die Casting Company suffers.

In an effort to stay ahead of this crisis, I purchased assets of three die casting companies that were going out of business. Those companies were:
* C&D Die Casting Company
* Spencer Diecasting Company, and
* Coast Die Casting Company.

These three small die casting companies have provided my company with more sales and have diversified our customer base to assist during our normal seasonal shipment lulls. Kinetic Die Casting Company is position to grow rapidly when the U.S. economy returns in full vigor.

Call us for prices – (800) 524-8083

Kinetic Die Casting manufactures aluminum die castings creating aluminum die casting boxes, aluminum handle hardware, and aerospace die casting. If you would like to get a quote, please visit our website: Kinetic Die Casting Company

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Aluminum Die Casting Part Types

Finding the Right Aluminum Parts Types. Several metals or alloys could be used in the die casting process, such as zinc, copper, magnesium and aluminum. Among these materials, many equipment manufacturers tend to favor die castings for aluminum parts types. Preference to aluminum in die casting parts is now most pronounced in the automotive industry where aluminum parts rank only second to steel. Advantages offered by aluminum parts types are many. Foremost is this alloy’s malleability which allows its applications to various designs in the die casting process. Aluminum’s malleable characteristic jibes well with the die casting technology which calls for the high-pressure injection of molten metal into dies or molds which enable efficient mass production of equipment or machine parts.

Another advantage is aluminum’s electrical conductivity and heat-absorbent quality, making aluminum parts types suitable in electronic equipment such as computers and refrigerators. Aluminum parts types are also lighter and better at resisting corrosion, qualities that have been proven useful in such applications as light enclosures and housings exposed to the elements.

Aluminum die casting parts types manufactured through the die casting method can likewise be designed with surfaces replicating a wide range of textures. Made into casts for other products, aluminum castings could be designed to have smoother quality than most all other castings. With such an advantage, many companies manufacturing construction materials have turned to using aluminum roofing tile molds for the design and production of various roofing tiles. Additionally, these aluminum parts types are lighter and less expensive than steel molds, benefits that translate into cost-efficiency and better profitability for the manufacturers. Similar to Aluminum Boxes in Aluminum Die Casting.

Aluminum Die Casting is a competitive production process. Several die casting companies are going out of business. Such as “Coast Die Casting Company”.

Kinetic Die Casting is a aluminum and zinc die casting company. If you would like to know more information, please visit our website:Kinetic Die Casting Company

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Coast Die Casting update

Coast Die Casting sold their business operations to Kinetic Die Casting Company on June 3rd, 2009. In the last few weeks, Kinetic Die Casting Company has supplied parts to many of the former Coast Die Casting Company customers.

All of the former Coast Die Casting customers are very happy with the change in services and quality of the die casting parts. If you were a Coast Die Casting Customer searching for your tooling, give Kinetic Die Casting Company a call 800-524-8083.

Kinetic Die Casting manufactures products like aluminum hardware, and aluminum boxes. If you would like more information on Kinetic Die Casting, please visit our website:Kinetic Die Casting Company

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Aluminum Company Aleris International files for bankruptcy protection

Aleris International files for bankruptcy protection
Posted by Robert Schoenberger/Plain Dealer Reporter

BEACHWOOD — Beachwood-based aluminum company Aleris International filed for bankruptcy protection Thursday, saying the financial drain of the weak economy was too great.

“Even though this is a tough process to go through, it will clearly make us a stronger company,” Aleris Chairman and Chief Executive Steven Demetriou said during an interview late Thursday. The owner of the Erie BayHawks NBA D-League squad added that Aleris’ operations are not the problem. The company’s massive debt load is.

The company will continue operating during bankruptcy, although it has already idled several plants in Indiana and North Carolina.

Aleris said it has arranged for $1.1 billion in financing (a $500 million loan and a $575 million credit arrangement) to keep it operating through bankruptcy. That financing will let it continue to pay employees and run facilities as it restructures.

The bulk of the company’s debt comes from its rapid expansion since its formation less than five years ago.

Investors formed Aleris in 2004 by merging Kentucky’s Commonwealth Aluminum with Texas-based IMCO Recycling. In 2006, the company went private when the Texas Pacific Group bought it for $3.3 billion.

The Texas Pacific purchase was a leveraged buyout, meaning the company borrowed nearly all the money for the purchase. Demetriou said the $2.5 billion in debt raised in 2006 is the main reason the company had to file for bankruptcy protection.

“At the time we did the deal, the $2.5 billion of debt we had was the right amount,” Demetriou said. At the time, aluminum prices were high and climbing, and analysts expected prices to increase for years.

But over the past six months, aluminum prices have tumbled along with steel, oil and other commodities.

“With today’s operating environment, clearly the debt is unsupportable,” Demetriou said. He added that the company may need to take other restructuring steps but that the main focus will be financial.

In its filing with the U.S. Bankruptcy Court in Delaware, Aleris said it had assets worth about $4.9 billion and about $4.2 billion in debt.

Under Chapter 11 of the U.S. Bankruptcy Code, companies can stop paying creditors while they work out new payment schedules. Typically, the company’s creditors end up owning most or all of the restructured company.

In Ohio, Aleris has its Beachwood headquarters and an aluminum rolling mill in Uhrichsville. The company had another mill in Walton Hills, but it was closed last year.

Only two of the company’s 30 largest creditors are in Northeast Ohio, according to the court filings. Aleris said it owes about $1.5 million to Ferropem, a Medina sales office for a European silicon company. Aleris owes $840,486 to Metal Conversions Ltd., a Mansfield company that makes aluminum-processing equipment.

Aleris’ European, Asian, South American, Mexican and Canadian operations were not included in the filing.

Coast Die Casting Company closed their doors for a final time July 3, 2009. Coast Die Casting Company sold their business operations to Kinetic Die Casting Company.

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